Joining Big Brothers Big Sisters was a deliberate choice for Tracy, motivated by a desire to extend the kind of opportunities and support that were pivotal in her own upbringing to those less fortunate. Acknowledging the disparity in chances given to children based on their circumstances, she saw mentorship as a way to make a tangible difference in someone’s life.

Key to her approach as a mentor are the qualities of empathy, open-mindedness, and the ability to listen—traits she believes are fundamental to fostering a positive and impactful relationship. Despite being in the initial stages of her mentorship journey, the shared moments of joy and the rewarding smiles from her mentee have quickly become highlights, affirming the value of their time together.

Early into her role, she has noted personal growth, particularly in embracing patience and the significance of being present. This shift towards appreciating the moments spent together has not only been beneficial for her mentee but has also enriched her own life, teaching her to value the here and now over the hustle of daily tasks.

Although still awaiting the surprises that the mentorship might bring, her advice to anyone considering a similar path is to reflect on the profound impact such a commitment can have. She underscores the importance of just being there for someone, emphasizing that the act of sharing time and interests can significantly influence a child’s development. This mentorship, rooted in the belief that it indeed “takes a village to raise a child,” highlights a reciprocal relationship where both parties grow and learn from each other.

Through Tracy’s experience, the essence of becoming a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters shines through—not just in the act of giving back but in the shared joy and mutual growth that defines the journey. It’s a powerful reminder of how simple acts of kindness and attention can forge lasting bonds and nurture future generations.